The MERLIN Data Bridge

Bridging Efficiency and Insight in Manufacturing Operations

In the dynamic world of modern manufacturing, optimizing operations and maintaining accurate records are paramount for success. Introducing the MERLIN Data Bridge, a robust integration solution that seamlessly connects the Visual Manufacturing ERP system and the MERLIN Tempus shop floor management system. This integration brings forth a new era of efficiency, accuracy, and insight, transforming how manufacturing processes are managed.

  • System Overview

    At the heart of this integration are two powerful systems: the Visual Manufacturing ERP system and the MERLIN shop floor management system. The ERP system serves as a central hub, overseeing various aspects of the business, while MERLIN focuses on shop floor optimization, machine scheduling, and labor management.

  • Data Integration

    The integration process begins with Visual Manufacturing’s classification of parts and operations. When an operation is set in motion, the MERLIN system is activated, transferring operation details and seamlessly creating or updating product standards in MERLIN.

  • Job Execution and Allocation

    Manufacturing jobs can be intelligently allocated across multiple machines to optimize resource utilization. This approach ensures that jobs are completed efficiently, with multiple operators potentially assigned to a single task. Simultaneous execution of a job across several machines further enhances productivity.

  • Time and Attendance Tracking

    The MERLIN Operator Portal becomes the gateway for accurate time and attendance tracking. Operators clock in through this portal and then proceed to log into their designated machines. This meticulous monitoring of operator presence and work hours ensures a transparent workflow. Optionally, Clock in events can be passed directly to MERLIN through the bridge or via API.

  • Traveler Scanning

    Scanners come into play for tracking progress on the shop floor. By scanning travelers—documents containing vital information about the job, parts, and operations—real-time insights are gained into the work status in progress.

  • Labor Ticket Creation

    Labor ticket generation becomes a seamless process driven by triggers:

    – When operators are reassigned to different jobs.

    – When jobs undergo modifications or updates.

    These labor tickets encapsulate critical details, including operator information, job specifics, time allocations, machine usage, parts produced, and setup durations.

  • Labor Ticket Transfer and Integration

    The labor tickets generated are channeled back through the data bridge—an intermediary linking MERLIN and Visual Manufacturing. The data bridge diligently ensures that labor ticket information seamlessly integrates into the ERP system.

  • ERP Update and Reporting

    Visual Manufacturing is enriched with labor ticket data, enabling comprehensive reporting and analysis of labor-related insights. This reservoir of information empowers manufacturers to track production costs, gauge efficiency, and assess operator performance.

  • Integration Excellence

    At the heart of this integration lies a meticulously designed and robust data bridge. Its capabilities encompass real-time data transfers, error management, and synchronized data flow between the two systems. The architecture leverages proper APIs, data transformation, and meticulous mapping, reinforcing the foundation of this integration. The Memex team handles bridge deployment- simple, self-contained functionality. The Visual Bridge is completely transparent to Visual Manufacturing users.

In summary, the MERLIN Data Bridge is an innovation that revolutionizes manufacturing operations. Automating processes, reducing manual data entry, and providing a clear window into production processes optimizes efficiency and enhances business performance. The MERLIN Data Bridge is a beacon of streamlined operations and informed decision-making as manufacturing enters a new era.